New H22 standard drill rod is on the market amazingly!

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The new H22 standard drill rod is a high-quality taper drill rod developed and produced by Shandong Ouma Brazing Tools Co., Ltd. It adopts Swedish control standards from billet selection to casting processing, strictly controls quality source, refines processing technology and continuously improves product quality and service life. It is a breakthrough and feedback to customers. Sincere work.
The new H22 standard drill rod adopts silver appearance and is colored by automatic electrostatic spraying workshop to ensure the high-end atmosphere of the product appearance, which is the embodiment of product quality and vision. Longer life and more stable performance give you a more lasting use experience. In order to ensure the stability of the performance, uniform temperature control structure is adopted in the rolling process of H22 standard drill rod; thermal imaging temperature control setting is carried out in all hot-working areas in the processing process to ensure the quality consistency of each area of the drill rod, effectively reduce the occurrence of various failure problems, prolong the service life and reduce the input cost. The results of field tests in Duodi Gold Mine, Copper Mine and Tunnel show that the average service life of the new H22 standard drill rod is 29.3% higher than that of the same kind of competitors, and achieves the real industry leading level.
After-sales Care-free Make Your Choice More Confident
Shandong Ouma Brazing Tools Co., Ltd. has a professional after-sales team all over the country. It can provide you with timely advice, training, maintenance and other services, so as to avoid your worries and make your choice more secure. The new H22 standard drill rod has been sold to the market. We look forward to working with you to develop our territory and build our future together.